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Ikkyo counteraction with ikkyo

First stage : 

When your partner attempts to pin you down with Dai-Ikkyo, lower your elbow, turn your hips rightward in the manner of pressing your hand against your forehead and draw your foot for counteraction with Dai-Ikkyo. If you allow your shoulders to get tense and try to counteract with your hand, you will be repelled and pinned down. It is easier to perform this technique if you follow the pattern of the withdrawing footstep as in Happo-giri. 
Draw your foot back after turning your hips and pin your partner down
Second stage 

Omote-waza : When your partner comes at you with Dai-Ikkyo, turn your body circularly without resisting his move, lower your elbow and let your arm describe a large circle in taking counteraction. The counteraction used here is Dai-Ikkyo Omote-waza.

Ura Waza : Before being pinned down completely by your partner, turn your body circularly, lower your elbow and start turning the tide with your arm moving in a large circle. Your toes aligned, move into Ura-waza.
Third stage 
Omote-waza : When you ary pinned down thorougly by your partner, sink your body on the spot and turn around by small degrees without losing your centrum. Then start the counteraction with Dai-Ikkyo.
When pinned down, sink your body, lower your elbow and turn your body around by small degrees.