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Irimi Nage basics

Pointers regarding Irimi-nage 

In practicing Irimi-nage, your body must be behind your partner to such an extent that his back is within sight of your lower abdomen. If a mere throw is what is required of Irimi-nage, this particular exercise will be reduced to one which is no different from the other throwing techniques. 

Irimi-Nage can be mastered only through training in its varied forms, which are listed below: 

(1) The case of delivering a strike ahead of your partner's, chopping down his parrying hand and throwing him down; 

(2) The case of turning the body out of the line of attack and flipping him down; 

(3) The case of initiating a strike, leading your partner's hand out and flipping him down without touching his hand. 

Compare the following photos for a study of your possible deficiencies. 

This technique calls for your initiating a strike before your partenr's and whipping down his hand trying to parry the blow.
This technique calls for removing your body from the line of attack and then proceed with prescribed exercise.
This technique calls for enticing the Ki of your partener out and executing Irimi-nage without touching his body with your hands
When the entering depth is insufficient, your partner Tegatane will hit your waist.
If you are absorbed in the throwing aspect only ,you may tend to hold your partner's neck too firmly. Have your thumb point downward and "tighten your arm like a ring of iron" (Kuden)
Practice without your right hand
Practice without your left hand