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Shomen Uchi Dai-Gokyo Omote Wasa

Tachi Wasa Yokomen Uchi Uchi Dai-Gokyo Omote Wasa 
Defense against an armed attack 

Omote Wasa (front technique):
Dai-Gokyo is designed to take a dagger away from your partner. In this technique, it is dangerous to get in front of your partner with your right hand and foot as was described in Dai-Ikkyo Omote-Wasa. 
First, slide to the side of your partner in the triangular stance and control his up-swinging arm (Note the way the hand is held). You can take the dagger easily by placing the back of your partner's hand onto the mat, bending his elbow and pushing it from above. This action will cause his fingers to open up naturally. If you receive the attack directly in front of your partner, the dagger will inevitably hit your lower abdomen. Because of this danger, always remember to knock the dagger down to the mat. 

Using Dai-Ikkyo Omote-Wasa is too risky to cope with the dagger attack
If you are directly in front of your opponent, always remember to knock down the dagger
You are cautionned not to grasp your opponent's wrist in the Dai-Ikkyo fashion because your hand could be cut by the dagger.
How to take the Dagger