Anglais (US)
Aïkido Knowledge base
2 nd Kumitachi
Uke Tori
1 Stand in the posture 
of Right Hammi
Stand in the posture
of Right Hammi

During the blending of Ki,
raise the ken over Head.
Same movement
as Uketachi



Defend by moving into
Hitoemi with the left foot.

Aim at the opponent's
leg and strike down
Intending to cut the
opponent's wrist,
raise the Ken.

Follow Uke's Ken briskly
from below as it is raised
Step back with the right foot,
adopt Hitoemi parry his
 thrust, and aim the
Ken point at his throat.
and thrust with
the left foot forward.

Follow with a thrust
stepping with the
right foot.
8   Uchikomi 
9 Defend by stepping
back with the left foot.
(Do not less the body
cant at this time) 
10 Hold the opponent's
ken down with your own.
11   Do not resist Uke's Ken, 
12 When the thrust comes,
step back with the right
foot and adopt an attitude
of a Tsuki.
Pass your under, and
thrust stepping forward
with the left foot.
13   Step off to the right,
parry his thrust

Defend as if cutting down
with the ken. (In practice
step back with the left foot.
Originally, a step forward
was taken).

Finally, strike with a
Shomen Uchi
as shown.