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Happo giri with a ken

This Ken exercise, which highlights cutting motions in four directions, followed by similar motions in eight directions, forms the base of Aikido body movements. Happo-giri is characterized by turns at an angle of 270 degrees. If you amass enough training in Happo-giri, you will be able to turn your body instantaneously in any direction you desire. What is most important, in this connection, is to study the relationships between the body turns and foot movements. 

The following are the sequences of Happo-giri and points to remember: 

1. Initiate a frontal strike. 

2. Without moving the tip of the sword and the positions of your feet, turn your hips, swinging up the sword and cutting the rear. 

3. Rotate your body 270 degrees rightward when cutting the left side. 

4. Cut to the rear in the same manner as #2 

5. Rotate your boby 7/8 of a circle rightward and cut down. 

6. Cut to the rear. 

7. Rotate your body 270 degrees for a cutting motion. 

8. Cut to the rear