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Happo giri adaptation to shiho nage

Adaptation of Happo-giri to Taijutsu enables you to throw your partner in four (eight) directions. This throwing technique is called "Shiho-nage"
(2) When throwing in the same direction 
This is Omote-waza, which calls for throwing in the direction he is facing.
(1) When throwing in the opposite direction.

This is Shiho-nage Ura-waza, which is rendered particularly effective by movement of the hips turning 270 degrees. 

(4) when throwing rightward
(3) when throwing leftward
Information on Atemi 

Atemi in Shiho-nage has the following applications :
(1) Atemi to your partner's face with your right hand.
(2) Kicking his right knee sideways to dislocate the joint while holding his wrist with your right hand.
(3) Atemi to his side with your left elbow.