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variation ushiro dori dai ikkyo

Maneuver your shoulders in a sword-swinging fashion, thereby disengaging your body from your parnter's hold, and pin him down with Dai-Ikkyo Omote-wasa. When you draw your right foot back at the time of disengagement, turn your hips and stay close to your parnter's body. 

The hips should be turned "like the movement of the billows" (Kuden) which applies to Yokomenuchi-Dai Gokyo Ura-waza.
When you draw your right foot back, be sure to turn your hips to stay close to your partner.
Bad example : In this posture, your partner will escape before being pinned down.
Information on Atemi 
1: When manoeuvring both of your shoulders to disengage your body from your partner’s hold, deliver Atemi to his face and the pit of his stomach simultaneously. 
Information on Atemi 
 2: Step into the side of your partner and deliver Atemi to his instep.
The techniques introduced thus far are the derivatives of such basic exercises as Katate-dori, Kata-dori and Shomen-uchi. However, Katate-dori, Shomen-uchi, Tsuki and Muna-dori are interrelated. Consequently, it is possible to study Katate-dori techniques from entirely different angles.