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Variation 3 of katate dori kokyu nage 

omote wasa
Ura-Wasa :

In this basic exercise, it is mandatory to align your toes and pin your partner down circularly. 

Katate-dori Dai-Ikkyo Omote Wasa 

When your wrist is held, be sure to fully splay your fingertips and charge them with your inner centralized energy. When unbalancing your partner feigning a blow to his face, it is important to move your held hand to your partner's side and in alignment with your feet. It is wrong to draw your foot a step backward in front of your partner.

Open your fingertips fully, lower your elbow and counteract in the direction of your partner's face
Unbalance your partner sideways so that his left hand is kept out of reach of your body. The same holds true for the Muna-Dori exercice.
Info on Atemi
Bad example : It is impossible to counteract the holding action without unbalancing your partner sideways because your are exposing yourself in a most vulnerable position.