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Shomen Uchi Dai-Sankyo Omote Wasa

Shomen Uchi Dai-Sankyo Omote Wasa 
Straight strike at the head 

Omote Wasa (front technique):
Grasp with your right hand the fingers of your partner's hand that you have captured in front your lower abdomen and shift your hold to your left hand while screwing his harm up toward his armpit. It is important, at this particular moment, for you to move your left foot one step forward and "position yourself side by side with your partner» (Kuden)  
As the next step, slide circularly in front of your partner while feigning a blow to his face with your hand. Pin him down as you draw your left foot back in place. As you bend your partner's elbow circularly in an impulse imparting motion, let the little finger of your right hand slide up and grasp his wrist together with other fingers. This hold, which is characteristic of Dai-Sankyo, permits a shift of your hands without loosening control of your partner. 

Align yourself side by side with your partner.