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Shomen Uchi Dai-Nikyo Ura Wasa

Shomen Uchi Dai-Nikyo Ura Wasa 

Ura-Waza (Turning techniques) : After turning your body obliquely, grasp your partner's wrist with your left hand, knock it down and grasp the back of his hand with your right hand. Lift the back of his hand up to your left lower lapel and twist your hips in an impulse-imparting motion. "Bend his arm in a shape of <, causing his little finger to turn toward his nose" (Kunden) For the sake of effectiveness, your right hand, rather than your left hand, had better be implemented in applying the technique. While planting the back of your partner's hand on your lower lapel, turn your body obliquely again and "envelope" his elbow in the area of your lower abdomen with Tegatana. The rest of the technique is the same as in Omote-Wasa. 

Impulse to the wrist : Twist your hips while bending your partner's arm in the shape of < and causing his little finger to turn toward him, with your left hand grasping his elbow, edge toward him, with your left hand grasping his elbow from below. If he tries to stretch his arm, forestall the attempt with Tegatana technique. In both cases, the exercise is concluded with a hip twisting motion.
The correct hold of your partner wrist
If your left hand grasp your partner elbow he will elude the hold.

Don't depend on your left hand.

Your right hand is a more effective implement