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Shomen Uchi Dai-Nikyo Omote Wasa

Straight strike at the head 
Omote Wasa (front technique) : Dai-Nikyo is a technique designed to inpart impulses to the joints of your parter's wrists, elbows, and shoulders. In performing Omote-Wasa, bring the hand you have captured to the front of your lower abdomen, turning the wrist in as if cutting it down with Tegatana and pin your partner down. (All the techniques encompassed by Dai-Ikkyo trough Dai-Gokyo stem basically from Dai-Ikkyo.) 

Once you have pinned your partner down, bend his arm circularly and launch your knee to his neck. "Gluing his elbow to your lower abdomen, twist your hips and abdomen toward the head of your partner." (Kuden) By so doing, you can stimulate the joints of your partner's elbow and shoulder. If he tries to raise his head, grasp his collar and thwart the attempt.
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