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Yokomen Uchi Kote-gaeshi

Yokomen-Uchi Kotegaeshi 
Wrist twist 

Hit the striking hand down (in the same manner as Yokomen-Uchi Shiho-Nage). The only difference is that in kotegaeshi, your right hand is latched onto the outside of your partner's right hand. Grasp your partner's wrist with your left hand and cut the rear with your right hand. When turning your partner's wrist out begins with the little finger, followed by the other fingers. In the final stage of the exercise, push the wrist of your partner toward his head. 

Point regarding Kotegaeshi 

(1) Don't remove your hand from the center of your body when sweeping through the rear with a cutting motion. 

(2) Kotegaeshi should be performed right in front of your navel. If the grasping position is too high, you will fall a victim to counter throw. "Kotegaeshi should be performed at lower height." (Kuden) 

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