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Kaiten Nage

The triangular approach is the basic footwork required in Kaiten-Nage.

 " Triangular entry is essential to the rotary throw" (Kuden)

Correct hold down method.

If your try to hold down your partner's head at a higher position, you will be running a risk of his getting the better of you.
Rotary Throw Inward :

The instant your right hand is grasped, feign a blow to your partner's face with your left hand. Your blow may be blocked, but it insures your safe passage to the rear, turn around inwardly and cut your partner down, seeing to it that his hand does not lose its grip but remains attached all the way through. Your right foot simultaneously draws into place. Hold down your partner's head (Not his neck) as it sinks down. Push your wrist towards him and step out with your foot, once drawn, again.
Kaiten-Nage Outward

The difference between the inward and outward is that in the outward throw, the grasped hand turns your partener's hand counter clokwise. This outward action requires your body to turn obliquely 

Ki Flow and blending Kaiten Nage Inward throw 

Turn your body so that the flow of your partner's Ki is guided off the intended target, take a triangular stance and throw him.