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Suwari wasa Shomen Uchi Dai-Ikkyo Ura Wasa

Ura-Waza (Turning techniques) : As you lead out the hand of your partner, turn your hips and align your knee with his. Don't let your knee be too far apart from your partner's. Neither should you slide your knee too close alongside your partner's. It is a cardinal rule of Ura-Wasa to 'pin the arm of your partner circularly, giving it a shade of a push and twist." (Kuden) Don't push and twist your partner's in the literal sense of the word. 

Using your knee that is aligned with your partner's as an axis, swivel your body partially, turning to the rear of your partner, and pin him down. 

Both Omote-Wasa and Ura-Wasa must be practiced in two directions, left and right. If you feel you lack proficiency in either of these directions, increase your practice in that direction until you achieve a satisfactory measure of accomplishment. 

The knee is too deep alongside
The knee is too far apart
The arm is not extended enough
Pin the arm of your partner circularly, giving a shade of a push and a twist