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Suwari wasa Shomen Uchi Dai-Ikkyo Omote Wasa

Straight strike at the head 

Omote Wasa (front technique) : the basic rule calls for your initiating a strike of your own prior to your partner's and grabbing his hand as he tries to parry your blow. By taking the initiative you will be leading the hand of your partner out into your own sphere of action. Your Tegatana must be perpendicular to the mat when you do this. 
When you launch the strike with your right hand, advance your right knee (not your foot) simultaneously out in front of your partner. Firmly grab your partner's hand from beneath, "Your thumb touching his pulse" (Kunden). Stride your left foot ( not knee) in the direction of his head and pin him down. Your left hand must firmly grasp his elbow from below. 
In executing Omote-Waza, it is critical to pin down your partner with "a spirit surging effusively from the earth and thrusting forward in an endless drive" (Kunden) 

Right posture
wrong posture
Wrong posture
Right posture
Grasp your partner's elbow firmly