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Happo giri with a jo

The next step in Happo-giri practice is Suburi 6.
The body is balanced on a subtle relationship between the feet and hips. The photos here show the Jo poised in the posture of Hasso after rotating rightward and a strike at the front after a leftward rotary movement. In both cases, the rotation starts with the feet. In movements of this kind, the feet lead the hips in starting the action.
When you start rotation either rightward or leftward with your withdrawing foot, the hips are turned ahead of the footwork. 

These two relationships must be translated into action in performing a number of Aikido exercises. 

In this conjunction, Founder Morihei Uyeshiba has bequeathed the following message in the form of a Kuden which is worth some deep study:
"The hips determine the movement of both feet; the head determines the movement of both hands."