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Introduction to Kokyu Ho

Sitting Kokyu Ho

Variation in Kokyu-HO 

Kokyo-Ho is how to train your Kokyu-ryoku (abdominal breath power). Aikido without such power is like a SUMO Japanese wrestling featuring bouts between giant wrestler lacking muscular strength. Kokyu-Ryoku, which presents a sharps contrast to the so-called muscular power, is based on the swinging movements, up and down, of the sword. This sword exercise is not intended as a mere swinging motion. It is combined with Taijutsu and the exercise is performed, with your wrist grasped by your opponent.

This is therefore, a highly reasonable training method. In executing Taijutsu, considerations must be given to the constitutional differences of your partners. The particular merit of this art lies in allowing you to learn how to use your Tegatana (Knife edge of the hand) in such a way that you will not let go of your partner’s hand that is holding your wrist. This technique is called MUSUBI. -(Trying yourself with your opponent). 

As you swing up the sword, breathe in naturally. Breathe out as you swing down the sword. This breathing process, conducted unconsciously, provided the power necessary for fully performing Aikido techniques. Kokyu-Ho is applicable to both standing and sitting exercises. 

Standing Kokyu Ho