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Aïkido Knowledge base

Kokyu Ho basics

You sit face to face with your partner and let him grasp both your wrists lightly from the sides. This is the basic pattern. First, relax your shoulders and fully splay out your finger tips so that the "centralized" power can be channeled onto the tips and beyond. The spacing between your hands should be slightly wider than your shoulder span. Swing upward with your hands so that their edges cut into your partner's armpits. Your hand motion must be similar to the swinging upward of a sword.  

As you bring your partner down to the left (or right) your right (or left) knee keeps on advancing to his right (left) armpit as falls down. The Tegatana of both your hands should be kept in the proper place without pressing against your partner's body. This technique is designed to control the natural inclination of your partner to sit up. 

As if you are holding a sword, part your hands, and lift both arms up forming a half circle. This develops your breath power.